Teaching Philosophy

Mimi helping with student's finger position

Mimi’s teaching philosophy is tailored to each student.  Important goals include:

  • Implementing an individualized approach for each student, appropriate to unique talents, needs, musical aptitude, and goals.

  • Teaching methodologies are meticulously detailed and evolve to meet students’ requirements.

  • Developing and maintaining confidence and a positive self-image at all times, while striving towards newer, higher goals.

  • Regular review to ensure maximum progress, enjoyment of the instrument, as well as an understanding, love, and appreciation of music.

  • Creating a positive, rewarding, and enjoyable experience.

Mimi is certified in all 10 books of the Suzuki method.  For younger violin students, Mimi incorporates many of the Suzuki principles, including:

  • Loving encouragement.

  • Parent involvement, working together to create an enjoyable, meaningful, and productive learning environment.

  • Progress through listening and repetition.

  • Graded appropriate choice of repertoire.

  • Emphasis on teaching sight-reading skills.

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